Paul Chilton fine furniture designer maker

CHILTON fine furniture represents the marriage of function and form; a union of utility and soul.

Every piece is handmade in the Gerringong, NSW, workshop of designer-maker Paul Chilton to meet your bespoke design requirements, using artisan joinery techniques with sustainable principles.

Paul was trained in traditional joinery and fine furniture design and making in England by David Savage, and also has a background in sustainable building design.

Paul is available for commission. Contact him today.


2 thoughts

  1. Hey Chili, just catching up on a few of your blogs after a busy start to the year. Loving how you are growing into your art and the narrative that describes the journey. I was particularly impressed with the clip that showed the piston like tolerances of your jewellery box. As an old fridgie accustomed to working with micrometers and tight tolerances I can appreciate how this must have messed with your head! It’s a game of thousandths. Keep up the attention to detail and I look forward to watching the black swan evolve into a thing if beauty. BTW, we are in the midst of installing 1.22 MW of solar at Shellharbour. Australia’s largest rooftop installed PV system. That’s what is rocking my world right now!

  2. Go Chili! Loving how you can reference Issac Asimov, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hunter S Thompson and Jim Carrey all in a small space. I look forward to reading your blogs. You may even inspire me to change direction at age 51!!

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