‘Reflection’ – finished lamp design

Paul Chilton lamp design I’ve previously talked about the school’s lamp competition – It’s now finished and ready to be shipped to the client. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a piece evolve from an idea to a solid thing that now exists by itself. Below is ‘Reflection’ – a table lamp made from two halves of air-dried English oak with weathered shoulders achieved from bleaching and leaving an off-tooled finish to achieve a ‘driftwood’ effect in keeping with the original brief. I chose the end of the board to make use of the natural cracks that are usually cut away as waste. The core and head is made from Caucasian Elm, a wood that while being much more difficult to work than most traditional woods, has lovely golden tones and distinctive grain. It’s been an enjoyable process of making, but it gives me even greater satisfaction knowing that this will be a very personal and symbolic gift for the client’s friend. Paul Chilton table lamp design Paul Chilton Lamp design Paul Chilton table lamp design Paul Chilton table lamp design Paul Chilton table lamp design Photo credit: Phil Mayne / El Raymond Le Mont

2 thoughts

  1. Love to read your posts Paul . You have a great gift –to have this passion and creativity.

    All the best


  2. It is an elegant madam going to the opera on a chilly evening.

    Not sure if I responded earlier – yes I am saving my pennies in anticipation.

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