Green light for lamp project

After recently finding out that one of the other students had been granted an extra two weeks to submit their entry for the lamp design competition, it only added to my doubt that the client would choose my design at all, let alone enthusiastically…

So, it was with a great deal of satisfaction that I received the following response from the client:

I loved several things about your design…

  • I love the simplicity and the flowing lines
  • I love the  feeling of reflection – in that it will be a gift for somebody who is profoundly reflective
  • I love the way the elm spoke to the central nervous system
  • I love the fact that you have the elm at the core

In short, I cannot imagine a design that would better reflect what I hoped this lamp would reflect!

Talk about a confidence boost for this novice designer!

With a deadline of the end of April, I’m off to the workshop today to start shaping an MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) prototype I’ve made to get the scale and shape right before starting the making of the final piece.

The pressure’s on.

Lamp competition

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